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New Year, Old House, New Refresh 2023

New Year, Old House, New Refresh 2023

We’ve been living in our modest humble abode just shy of thirteen years.

Fourteen years ago we were exploring a small quaint town in the hills of Hill Country Texas. The town was and still is beautiful. There is a river walk with resident waddling geese and ducks that love bits of crumbly stale bread. Sleepy turtles sunbathing on river logs. Little children with their matching parents fishing pole trying to catch a big one or two. The Main Street is filled with plenty of restaurants, antique shops, new clothing shops and more.

It is perfect for day explorers wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of San Antonio. Explorers like my husband, Gary and I, looking for the perfect area to raise our growing family. And off Main Street we did find a development that fit our needs. The lot size to build our home was large enough to extend into the garden if we ever needed extra space. The layout we chose was one of a kind as the builder no longer had intentions on building that home again. All the fixture and fittings were brand new so we didn’t have to worry about renovating even though we had plans.

As the years passed those plans came to fruition. We removed carpets, put down wood floors, changed out tiles, painted kitchen cabinets and more. But given last years major outdoor home project of installing our in-ground pool, I began to see the rest of our garden and the interior and exterior of our home needing a breath of fresh air.

With inflation skyrocketing the cost of food, especially fresh vegetables and fruits, I decided it was time to create a kitchen garden. Window boxes filled with beautiful fragrant herbs to liven up recipes and also keep away pests. A few fruit trees, cypress, and hedges of berries along the fence will provide privacy. We will repair the stucco and paint as need be. All of this will help with the creation of the outdoor mediterranean ambiance I so desire.

And as for the interiors, former popular grey colors will be painted over. Our grey walls now look dreary, depressing, and bland. White subway tiles which grace our kitchen and bathrooms and were once the height of farm house sophistication will be replaced with something completely different. We went from orange brown tint kitchen cabinets, to traditional classic white and now Farrow and Ball de’nimes.

2022 was year of perseverance for me. My health issues made one thing clear, my home is my gilded cage. And I wasn’t going into 2023 with a gilded cage that is drab. I want color, comfort, a few modern comforts to help me get around the home easier, and most of all a home that is welcoming to visiting friends and family.