Erica Hutchings is the author of Delicious: A Rumour Mill Novel which she self-published through her own boutique publishing house, Paper Rabbit Books. She was born on a beautiful late spring day in Brooklyn, NY. She was raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn and on the South Shore of Long Island until her twenties when she moved back into the City.  She attributes her love of writing from her childhood years when she faithfully watched the PBS show Reading Rainbow and read authors such as V.C. Andrews, Sidney Sheldon, and Jackie Collins.

During her teenage years, Erica was told by her English teachers that she should pursue a career in writing and journalism. She won various awards in English literature and debate. Unfortunately due to financial restraints Erica was unable to attend university and settled for working in various positions such as jewelry repair and real estate sales in New York City. 

In her mid-twenties, Erica met and fell in love with her British husband to be. She moved to the U.K., married, and went to the University of Bedford where she gained a degree in Business. After five years of living abroad and complications with getting pregnant, Erica and her husband made the decision to return stateside. Shortly after their return, Erica soon learned she was pregnant with her first child, a son. After the birth, they moved from Brooklyn, NY to San Antonio, TX.

It was during her second pregnancy with her second son that Erica decided to write her first novel, Delicious and publish it. Although she considers it to be not her finest work, Delicious became relatively successful and readers often ask when the follow up to Delicious will be released. Due to health issues, Erica had to place the series on hold indefinitely.

There will be a new stand alone novel to be published in Summer 2019 relaunching Erica’s career as an author, publisher and cementing the foundations for her future success. She’ll also be blogging about her lifestyle, recipes, home decor and more to wet the appetites of those interested.

Currently, Erica resides in Hill Country, TX with her adoring handsome husband, two lovely feisty playful sons,  and their cat, Lily.