Z’s Wood Fire Pizza

Z’s Wood Fire Pizza

Last week when the boys were at school, I had a bit of time on my hands. After the celebratory back to school manicure and pedicure, I was hungry for something other than finger licking barbecue or a greasy burger. I was hungering for pizza. Our local pizza joint closed up shop and I wanted to try a new place. I wasn’t willing to drive all the way into San Antonio to my favorite place because of traffic and the fact I had to make it to school pick up on time. So I scrolled through Yelp reviews and decided on Z’s Wood Fire Pizza.

When I arrived I immediately realized Z’s was taking residence in the former Freedom Cafe and was happy to find a spot in the parking lot. I had expected it to be heaving with customers around one o’clock but I soon discovered that I arrived after the lunch rush. It gave me a table all to myself and the opportunity to eat in peace without others wondering why is she dining alone?

At the hostess area I was greeted by a smiling young man and was told to pick any table I wish. I found my spot in the sun room and a waiter descended upon me to give me a menu and take my drink order. He also went over the special of the day which was pizza a la vodka. As appetizing as it sound, hailing from New York City, I’m bit of a pizza snob. When visiting a pizza restaurant for the first time I prefer to sticking with the classic margherita or cheese pie. My drink arrive swiftly and I placed my order for a margherita. 

Since all the pizza is made fresh and in house, there is a bit of a wait. It gave me time to flick through my Southern Living Magazine and check up on social media, while sneakily looking around to see what others had ordered for their lunch. A large pie went by loaded with toppings such as prosciutto and arugula. It made my mouth water. But soon thereafter my margherita was placed in front of me and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Now here is when I tell you please don’t think you’re getting NY style pizza. Actually far from it. This is what people in NY call gourmet pizza and to true Italians this is just pizza. The dough was perfectly cooked, the mozzarella fresh, the basil taste as though it was plucked from a garden and not picked from the produce section at HEB. The tomato base was slightly watery but it was fine by me as it made me feel it was made the night before or the same day. There was a hint of garlic that didn’t overwhelm the pizza. All in all it was delicious.

The only downside to all of it was the cherry tomatoes that were placed on top of the pie like an after thought. Also Z’s Wood Fire Pizza is a bit on the pricey side but this is a given especially since they’re a small business and everything is handmade. I rather pay more for a handmade pizza than one that is frozen and manufactured.

If you’re in Boerne or just driving through and looking for a bite to eat, I highly recommend Z’s Wood Fire Pizza. For more information on Z’s Wood Fire Pizza, please click on the link below:

Z’s Wood Fire Pizza

Z’s is located at 118 Old San Antonio Road, Boerne, TX. You may contact them at (830) 331-1212.

This review isn’t sponsored by Z’s Wood Fire Pizza and it’s my honest opinion of a great business making yummy pizza. 

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