Delicious: A Rumour Mill Novel

Delicious A Rumour Mill Novel Book 1

Handsome, English Premier Football striker, Guy Rowling can’t afford not returning to Worthington Hall without a wedding cake for his best friend and groom, Darren Dowling’s wedding. After all, the bride was Tamzin Smythe, daughter of notorious London gangster and soon to be sister-in-law. Tired of rescuing Darren from his sordid indiscretions, Guy is looking forward to the day after the wedding. But when Guy lands on the doorstep of The Savoury Plum, a local bakery in Ivy-upon-Wye and sets his eyes on the beautiful, Grace Knowles, little does he know what starts out as a demanding request turns into the love affair of his lifetime.

Naturally beautiful and culinary gifted, Grace Knowles lived a very sheltered life in Ivy-upon-Wye. Desperate to get away from her quiet existence and make a name for herself in the pastry business in London, Grace is determined that this will be her last winter at home. When Guy arrives at The Savoury Plum asking if she can bake a wedding cake in four days, Grace leaps at the chance of becoming a celebrity baker with the possibility of flirting with the hot stud. When the intense four days together turn their sparking sexual attraction into a sizzling affair, it begins a sinister chain reaction of jealousy, greed, obsession, bitter family, and hounding Rumour Mill paparazzi, all hell bent on destroying their growing love for one another. Sometimes love and scandals are too delicious to ignore…