A Billion Steps Back

A Billion Steps Back

It seems like it was only yesterday when I wrote my first book, Delicious and I started my blog  about life. The truth is I started this journey over eight years ago. At the time I was in a bad state with my health. As the years progressed it went from bad to worse. I no longer had the strength or the will to read or write and to discuss my life with my readers. I was a failure in life and I felt that my book was a failure too.

Depression hit me hard. Every time I thought I was getting better another ailment would strike me down. Hospital visits became the norm and most of the medication that were given to improve my condition I was allergic to and later develop Steven Johnson Syndrome. It was in my most recent hospital stay that I learned I have an autoimmune disorder. I’ll write more about it in a later post.

While this revelation should’ve been comforting to me, instead I was overwhelmed and lost. It’d been eight years since I wrote my first book! Eight years in which I was seeing doctor after doctor with short curt answers such as “It’s all in your head!” or “You can’t be this ill when you’re so young.” I’m forty by the way. Yes it’s young but time does fly and bodies do change over the years.

Although I’m not better,  I’m grateful to have an answer to my disorder and hopefully it can be managed along with its multitude of symptoms. I’m back behind my laptop screen and starting to write again. Unfortunately for Delicious fans the Rumour Mill Series will not be continued. I made the executive decision to write stand alone fiction novels as I find it to be less complicated than dedicating myself to a romance novel series. I was never really into romance novels and prefer writing more scandalous fiction in the likes of Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and so forth.

Yes, it seems like I’ve fallen a billion steps back but it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to pursue my career as an author. No matter how far I fall, I’ll find a way to to climb back up and make it as a successful best selling author and lifestyle blogger. I will not give up.

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